University of Texas at El Paso
Faculty Mentoring Program for Women
Mentoring Agreement: Mentees

Instructions: This document is intended to help you to establish effective mentoring habits with your mentoring team. Please answer the questions below in as much detail as you can. Then sign the agreement and hand it in. We will send each of you a copy, and retain a copy for the confidential Faculty Mentoring Program files.

I am voluntarily entering into a mentoring relationship with a small group of professors new to UTEP and two Mentors. I want this to be a rich, rewarding experience with most of our time together spent in substantive development activities aimed at our established goals. To clarify my roles, I have noted the following features of our work together:


  Beyond the first 18 months of the program, how long, ideally, would I like to continue working together? [Note: please note down your wishes here. Circumstances and needs may change over time, and they may alter the answer to this question.]


  In what format do I plan to meet with Mentors? (In office? Over coffee? For lunch? By email individually? As a group? Other?)?


  In what format do I plan to meet with other members of the Mentoring Team (In office? Over coffee? For lunch? Other?)?





Our team will attempt to meet at least                                                                        (enter # of meetings by time period- i.e. week, month, etc. Meetings may include email discussions, in-person meetings of the team, or other options your team designs.) If I cannot attend a scheduled meeting, I agree to notify my partners in advance whenever possible.


  What do I see as the specific role of the Mentors? (models, guides, observers and sources of feedback on teaching or writing etc. See the list of mentoring activities, topics and mutual interests)


  [Note: this is an opportunity for Mentors and Mentees to express their definitions of mentoring and their wishes for these activities. Some negotiation and compromise may be necessary to answer this question. Mentors cannot be everything to everyone!]


  What are the activities I, as Mentee, engage to perform to reach my goals? What are my responsibilities in the mentoring team?


  Confidentiality: any sensitive issues that we discuss will be held in confidence. Issues that are off-limits in our discussions will include:



I understand that the following activities are a requirement of the Faculty Mentoring Program for Women:

Sign the mentoring agreement that guides my work with my mentoring team
Establish a working relationship with the mentoring team for a period of 18 months

I understand that to help the Faculty Mentoring Program improve, it is important to

Participate in the mid-year focus group
Complete a program-end evaluation

I understand that to make it possible for the Faculty Mentoring Program to publish results, I am asked to

Sign a consent form that details the confidentiality of any information we provide

Note: I agree to a no fault conclusion of my mentoring relationship with any member of my team if, for any reason, it seems appropriate. If one of us needs to terminate the relationship, we agree to abide by the decision of our partner(s).


Mentee                                                                        Date

Adapted from Rooney, Ida, Nolt and Ahern, 1989, and Brainerd, 1998 by Tine Reimers for the Faculty Mentoring Program for Women at the University of Texas at El Paso

November 15, 2007