Short-term Goals

Make two lists of those things that you need to get done in your first year at University of XXX.



Things to do for myself, my family

Things to do professionally this year at
University of XXX









Concentrate on your top professional goal: break it down into its parts.



For example: "Establish Citizenship in my Department"

  • Meet with Chair to inform about research agenda
  • Have conversations with colleagues to share research ideas
  • Discuss teaching strategies with colleagues teaching similar courses
  • Join a task force or a committee important to the department (without overloading myself!!)
  • Recruit new students to the program
  • Other

Now that you've thought through one project, plan an appropriate timeline:

  1. In order to finish your project in August 2008, what must you have done
    1. by mid-December 2007?



    2. by late March 2008?



    3. by June 2008?



Long-term Goals
  1. What questions do you have about what you need to do in the next 5 years as you work toward tenure?



  2. Envision your role in the University and in the community in six years.

    What are your major aspirations for how you will interact with this community? What adjectives or metaphors come to mind that describe your intended role?



    What steps will you need to take to achieve such a role?



Now you have a document with which you can approach your Mentoring Team. Those who have been in a faculty position and have attained tenure should be able to help you to decide whether your timelines are reasonable, given the expectations of your College.

Developed by Tine Reimers for the Faculty Mentoring Program for Women at the University of Texas at El Paso

November 15, 2007